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WhatsApp Status

Whatsapp is now the world’s most famous messenger and used by millions of people worldwide. In case You are Searching for New WhatsApp Status for Whatsapp, at that point you are in perfect place. WhatsApp status is an extraordinary method to communicate. It is a concept, written specifically and in a precise way to show in artistic style one’s feelings, thoughts and emotions in a unique style. WhatsApp status shows how interestingly and brilliantly you can place your views in words. Refreshing WhatsApp status, or changing it every once in a while, basically characterizes your way of life or journey towards career. In addition, changing status is thought-provoking and is really enjoyable, if you can do it smartly and efficiently. There are various kinds of WhatsApp status that one can use, according to their comfort or frame of mind.

WishesNinety presents all unique Whatsapp Status for you. Everybody needs to changes his/her Best Status day by day, however it is hard to find the best website having the best collection of status for everyone which you can share anywhere. So just scroll down and check these best Whatsapp status to make your day best.

Here we list amazing ideas for updating your WhatsApp status.

Attitude Status

Cool WhatsApp Status

  • I didn’t transform, I just grew up. You should attempt it once.

  • I like to buy new stuff but I hate to spend money.

  • There’s no problem with my attitude, I just have a personality you can’t deal with.

  • I’m not complaining, I’m just trying to explain why I’m Right.

  • We’re all born to die, don’t feel any special than me.

  • My dad, I’m jealous, I’m never going to have a child so cool.

cool status dad
  • Math, I love to count money not you.

  • Life is very short. Try not to squander it seeing my WhatsApp status… .

  • The Earth without “Music” is simply “Eh”.

  • I am so nice at sleep, I can do it with even my eyes Shut.

  • Be smiling with those who do not like you.


  • Try not to tell everyone your dreams, JUST SHOW THEM!

WhatsApp Status dreams (1)
  • Use success to beat the rivals.

  • Quiet is the most remarkable shout.

  • Expectation grapples the spirit.

  • Life is tied in with laughing and living.

  • Do anything in love.

  • You’re not created to please others. Be yourself! 

self proud status
  • Follow your heart. Only follow your heart.

  • My life’s a sign for me.

  • I realized this relationship couldn’t turn out however I am tragic on the grounds that you didn’t let it to be work out.

  • So, come sit next to me if you don’t have any nice thing to say about anyone.

  • It is nice to embrace only your natural beauty.

  • A happy face is not a happy heart all the time.

  • The best exercise is walking. Get used to going very far. 

Whatsapp images
  • At the point when words fall flat, tears express.

  • Try not to experience life, develop through life.

  • The heart loved you without limits, even in every priest of me I wished for you alone.

  • It is good to find the place where I can go and relax.

  • I know I am having a large number of motivations to be cheerful yet this one thing is sufficient to make me dismal over and over.

  • At the point when you care for somebody, their smile matters more than yours…!!

WhatsApp Status love (1)
  • I’m not responsible for my failures because I’m a person who only learns from mistakes.

  • It’s no use saying,’ We’re doing our best.’ You’ve got to succeed in doing what’s needed.

  • There’s nothing in a woman’s age. The oldest fiddles play the best tunes.

  • It becomes difficult to figure out whether we cry because of joy or sadness when you separate your ways with someone you like.

  • The goal is not to be wealthy, but to be legendary. 

WhatsApp Status goals (1)
  • I look my best when I’m completely free, on vacation, walking on the beach.

  • At the point when we look to find the best in others, we some way or another draw out the best in ourselves.

  • For people who leave the decision with him, God always gives his best.

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Attitude WhatsApp Status

  • You can’t get anywhere until you fix it, a bad attitude is like a punctured tire.

  • The fastest way to double your money is to put it in your wallet and fold it in half. 

  • Excellence resembles Moon, looks much better Around evening time…

  • The best delight in life is doing the things, people say that you can’t.

  • The main handicap in life is a terrible attitude.

  • Greatness isn’t an ability, it is an attitude.  

Short attitude status
  • Your success is the biggest blow to your enemies.  

  • Haters hate because they don’t have what I have.

  • If my attitude doesn’t please you, stop talking to me.

  • A strong positive outlook will produce more magic than any drug of wonder.

  • If we accept it, we can change anything.

  • The journey of life will give you precisely what you need, not what you want. 

life status
  • And I’m trying to do what’s for me now.

  • My acts are always going to depend on how you handle me.

  • In a cruel world, to have a soft heart is bravery, not fear.

  • Try not to pass judgment on my past, I don’t live there any longer.

  • Build a door if chance doesn’t knock.

  • When I was born. The demon said, “Ohhh Fuck, Competition!”

Devil Status
  • When wind direction can not be changed, adjust your sails.

  • For a reason, those people who speak behind my back are behind me.

  • Achievement is the result of your attitude.

  • Remain positive. Required things will occur.

  • You’re beyond what you think you just need to burn yourself in trouble heat only then you’ll be glowing like gold.

  • Try not to show me your attitude. My blocklist is greater than your friends list.

Attitude girls status
  • The more you enjoy your selfishness the more good you are, the more sadly you suffer.

  • Life is where you may meet numerous people however just hardly any will proceed with you till end.

  • No, never even think of selling your dreams, let them sail into your heart’s every cell, finally make them real.

  • Be a candle in darkness, be a road guide, be a water jacket, be a warrior.

  • I am Sorry!! I discovered something under my shoes, ohhh its your little Attitude. 

high attitude message
  • Security is power What people don’t realize they can’t destroy.

  • I have my own FONT, I don’t have a bad writing.

  • Truly ✔️I have an Attitude problem, Without any Conditions Apply**

  • Each problem has a solution … If it has no solution, it isn’t a problem …!   

whatsapp status problem
  • If I am BAD, u think, then you are wrong, I am the worst ..

  • I am 97% certain u don’t care for me,, However I’m 100% certain I don’t care. 

  • I come in with a positive attitude every day, getting better and better.

  • Achievement isn’t simple and is positively not for apathetic.

  • I text, I gossip, I smile too…..

    But when I’m silent, Be Careful …. 

Warning status
  • I never imagined about progress. I worked for it.

  • ‘ Dream ‘ as though you are forever going to live .. Live like the last one’s tomorrow …

  • God, I wish I had ‘Google’ in my brain and ‘Anti-Virus’ in my soul…

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Funny WhatsApp Status

  • Life is Short – Talk Quick!

  • Doing nothing is exceptionally hard activity… no one can tell when to wrap up.

  • Those who change the status of love after 30 seconds … GF is the Explanation…

  • When the doctor’s wife comes on Apple A Day, I Wonder What happens?? 

funny status
  • A bookstore is just some evidence that people still think.

  • My most serious concern in life is how to inform my online friends about my death.!!

  • Mosquitos resemble family. Irritating yet they convey your blood.

  • Lord, give me the opportunity to punch people on the internet, please.

laughing status
  • If we have learned anything from college, it’s text without looking:)

  • Before work, the success is only in the dictionary.

  • Light travels more quickly than sound, so people look bright only till they speak.

  • Have you just fallen ? Yes, I tested if gravity is still working. 

WhatsApp Status very funny (1)
  • You know that when you look at Google’s second page you are desperate for an answer.

  • When you go to share your song lyrics on social media, wonder if it’s worth it?

  • Let me work it. I put my thing down flip it ‘n turn around it.

  • Alcohol is what makes you see twice and feel single.

alcohol status
  • Apologies, I have my Netflix pants on so I’m in for the evening.

  • I need you to realize that somebody who might be listening cares. Not me, however somebody.

  • There are different sides to the story and afterward there are the screen captures….If you know what i mean…

  • It is funny when you wear nike but you can’t do it. 

WhatsApp Status funny (1)
  • Even if I came with orders, you couldn’t tolerate me.

  • I thought the air was free for my whole life till I bought a pack of chips.

  • Happiness is not in money but in market. Common sense is like deodorant, it is never used by those who need it most.

  • Life is kind of a diarrhea. No matter how hard you struggle to get it stopped. The sh*t is just still coming.

shit status attitude
  • Life is not something of a fairytale. At midnight, if you loose your boot, you’re drunk.

  • Not revealing to me something since you “would prefer not to irritate me” is presumably the most ideal approach to annoy me.

  • Stop opening my last seen. When you miss me chat with me. 

  • I wish I could get people to pay for wasting my time.

  • The initial five days after the week-end seems to be the toughest.

  • People are going to throw stones at you, collect them all and build an empire.   

extra attitude status
  • If I find someone coping with me I love to change.

  • Darling I am not 500 or 1000 rupees money… …

    I will be with u until the end of time…

  • I’m not unique, rather people like me are ‘difficult to find’.

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