40 Beautiful Happy Wedding Anniversary Wishes To a Couple with Images

Wishesninety presents you 40+ beautiful wedding anniversary wishes to a couple. Every married couple loves to get wished on their wedding anniversary from parents, children, relatives and friends. So are you searching for beautiful text messages and e-cards for a couple?? Don’t worry at all. 

Here we provide some wonderful amazing happy wedding anniversary wishes:

wedding anniversary wishes to a couple (10)
wedding anniversary wishes to a couple

May the love between you grow stronger as each day passes. I pray to god that you both remain happy forever. Happy wedding anniversary!

wedding anniversary wishes to a couple (11)

May this auspicious day fill both of you with countless number of blessings and everlasting joy. May the remaining years of your life be spent in loving and caring each other.

wedding anniversary wishes to a couple (2)

I wish your married life remain happy as now even after thousands of years. May the happiness of this beautiful day remain forever until your last breath. Happy wedding anniversary.

I want to congratulate both of you that you both supported each other firmly even in toughest phases of life. I hope that you both continue to share this deep bond and love for hundreds of years. Happy wedding anniversay to you both.

wedding anniversary wishes to a couple (3)

The best thing in the world is to see a happily married couple smiling. Your happiness is revealed by the smile on your face and brightness of your beautiful eyes. Happy wedding anniversary!

Sending you both lots of love, happiness and joy on this special day by congratulating you for your wedding anniversary! I wish you both live your life happily. Cheers to your <numbers> years of happy married life.

wedding anniversary wishes to a couple (4)

On this auspicious day, both of you had vowed to live life together happily! I am glad to see that you both are perfect examples of happily married couple. Happy wedding anniversary, cheers!

Seeing both of you smiling and happy even after so many years of your marriage made me convinced that happy marriage still prevails in society. You give everyone #couplegoals. Happy wedding anniversary!

wedding anniversary wishes to a couple (5)

You both forget about everyone when you look into each other’s eyes. I am mesmerized to see this. Congratulations to both of you for a happy wedding anniversary!

You two have enhanced the beauty of this earth by staying together happily as a married couple! Seeing you both happy and smiling today i  completely understood the meaning of a real marriage relationship. Happy wedding anniversary!

wedding anniversary wishes to a couple (6)

Some got money in life.
Some got fame in their life.
Some got  huge success in their life.
But the best part is beside achieving these all things, you both got a perfect partner. Happy wedding anniversary to you both.

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Happy marriages does not happen automatically, both the  partners have to put their combined efforts to make it a happy one. I am glad to see you both happy even after <number> years of marriage. Happy wedding anniversary.

wedding anniversary wishes to a couple (7)

Love has the greatest importance in everyone’s life. The way you both lived together with affection has been a real aspiration to me. Happy wedding anniversary to you both!

wedding anniversary wishes to a couple (8)

The way you live together always blissful and laughing makes us really inspired. We tend to follow your #couplegoals. Happy wedding anniversary to you both!

You both have taught me that besides happy moments, difficult challenges and bumps also come in every relationship. But what matters the most is how you tackle a situation together. You set a perfect example of happy married life to all the newly married couples. Cheers!

wedding anniversary wishes to a couple (9)

A romantic life, adventurous journey, exciting trips, candle light dates and a sweet kiss are the perfect ingredients of a happy married life. I am shocked to know that you didn’t even miss a single thing of them. Happy amazing married life to you both!

Looking at you two makes me feel that your pair is formed to believe us that marriages are made in heaven. Your romantic stories reminds me of fairy tales of never-ending love. Happy marriage anniversary to you.

Wedding anniversary is like a checkpoint where we look back and relieve our old and beautiful memories and also reminds us to fulfill pending promises and vows. Happy marriage anniversary!

By looking at you both, one could easily tell that you both are the perfect example that love still exists without conditions. Happy anniversary to cutest couple!

I want to give all my love to both of you on your anniversary. I wish you both keep spreading love in everyone’s life and be a perfect example to world that marriages are made in heaven.

I wish that the love you shared may years ago is still same as now. May this love grow more stronger in the coming years. Happy anniversary love birds.

Both of you have faced the sorrows and joys of life together. I hope the bond of love deepens and grow more stronger every day. Happy anniversary!

Happy anniversary to cutest couple! May you get thousands of years to celebrate this special day of love together.

It is easy to love someone, but it is difficult to keep the love in between. I hope this love remains to continue for years to come. Happy anniversary!

A successful happy maariages involves loving one person the most. Heartiest congratulations on your anniversary!

The best thing of your relationship is that despite being together for so many years, both of you have not been tired by each other. I wish you both to be happy together. Happy wedding anniversary to best couple!

Both of you have been together from school, and none can deny the fact that still you two love the same way. Happy anniversary to cutest couple!

You two are the hottest couple I have known! Your love, respect and care for each other seems very cute. Happy anniversary love birds!

I wish i could tell you both how happy i am on your anniversary today. Being the cutest couple, you deserve all the joys, happiness and blessings from God. Happy wedding anniversary to sweet couple!

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