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Do you want to give her or him a very Exciting love status in English, or maybe change your Love Status on Facebook or WhatsApp? Love is a hard to explain expression. But maybe some love status will help. Love is eternal, and, in fact, it is Earth’s strongest feeling. You have to sacrifice several things to make your love strong and calm. During this busy life routine, it’s typically difficult to communicate your love to others. If you want to do this and you are looking for a good way to do this, you certainly don’t have to think about that. We are here today with some fantastic Love Status for boy or girl with us in English.

Our amazing selection of the best of love status offers you great fun and motivation. Love is the world’s most lovely and wonderful feeling. If you love, nobody can describe the sensations. WishesNinety lets you express your feelings and thoughts through words or these beautiful love status. Today people want to express their love feelings for the person or to the world by updating their status on social media. They want to express their love status. All these extremely happy love status are the most amazing ways of expressing your thoughts and feelings to those you love.

Our Best Love Status & Quotes list allows you to find the perfect lines, messages you can share and feel special with your beloved ones. This lovely status in English is just so wonderful that you can share it with anyone you want. So now don’t waste your time and look at these best love status here with these beautiful images as well.

romantic status
  • Thank you so much for joining my life. To encourage me to feel my love for you. Not everybody is as lucky as I am… Being loved by you!

  • You are one of those lovely things that happened to my life and made my life what it should be.

  • Crunch the numbers. Me + You= Love.

  • In my life, you are everything I need.

  • You are all my love memory.

  • I love the things you’re happy with.

  • Not every friendship transforms to love, but every love story begins with friendship.

  • I always pray God to tie us in a precious knot so that we can spend every single moment together.

  • True love is when she speaks nonstop, but you always want to listen to her.

  • Don’t love too much, don’t even worried too, don’t even believe too; because that too much can hurt too much to you.

  • Put your time and money on someone who will give your life sunshine. Life is too short for the wrong one to be wasted.

whatsapp status
  • You might be someone to the world however you are truly the world for somebody.

  • To show me my way, I don’t need a burning sun and a cooling moon. I just want you to be there for me whenever I am tumbling. You just want to catch me as I fall.

  • Everyone believe love is painful. However, Love never hurts. The refusal hurts.. Loneliness hurts.. Love is the only emotion that covers all the suffering.

  • Love Has No Age No Restriction and No End.

  • I’m going to love you Forever. I Pinky Promise.

  • When Passion is not crazy,it is not love.

  • You Are My Life’s Love. I just love you. I love you.

  • Love When you’re happy, not when you are alone.

  • Friendship isn’t a huge thing… it’s a million tiny things.

  • I Have Ignored Numerous Things Just For U In My Life…  Don’t Ever Cause Me To feel For Why I Left All That.

  • It’s very cute to be in the thoughts of someone but it’s really safe to be in the heart of someone.

love images
  • The Great Things In Life Are Better With You.

  • The mind can’t do anything when the heart takes over!

  • I’m not going to deny that I love you. I wouldn’t say that either.

  • Until the end of time, I’ll love you forever! No matter what you do! You are my forever! Cause you are my life! And nothing in this world will make me quit loving you.

  • I’m going to really miss you. I’ll be there regardless of what happens. Distance will not divide us–it’s going to bring us even more closer. B’Coz The true love awaits and never gives way.

  • You look most stunning, amazing, awesome, intelligent, charming and brilliant…

  • I don’t have the foggiest idea whether I like you or love you, need you or want you, all I know is I love the feel I get when I’m close to you.

  • It is called business, not love, if you expect anything in return.

  • I dønt even judge peøple, I just løve peøple whø løve me.

  • Sleeplessness can be a gift if you speak to someone, all night.

  • Love is not to look at one another, but to look in the same direction together.

  • Psychology teaches us that you really love someone when you want to see them always smiling, when you want them to be happy, even if they are not with you.

beautiful lines
  • Bees love honey… people really love money… but I just love you!

  • Your love has so greatly changed me. My friends now People now say that I’m another guy. I think everything changes when you fall in love.

  • Some of the most difficult things is to erase old messages which once meant much for you.

  • I think of you when I sleep. May d reams will come true one day because I love you so much.

  • I love you until the day after for eternity.

  • Each love story is lovely but my favorite one is ours.

  • I just want to be with you twice… Now and Forever.

  • If I could be something, I’d be your tear so that I would be born in your eyes and live down your cheeks and end on you lips.

  • Through her eyes and smile, I see something more lovely than the stars.

  • I knew no man’s ever going to be perfect for me. Not after I found you.

  • Girls like you are very difficult to find, but I am glad to do so. It feels as if I have always known you.

  • I don’t know how complicated it is to live together but nothing is worse than being separated.

beach quotes
  • Love is just a word before it’s given a real meaning by someone special.

  • You raise your hand if you love me and you do not lift your level.

  • Hi, I’m a thief, and here I’m robbing your heart.

  • Girl, you better have a permit, since you are making me insane!

  • I can’t interpret lips except if they’re touching mine.

  • If love was simple, almost no music would be possible.

  • Love starts in a smile, develops in a kiss and finishes in a tear.

  • Love is the secret key to open the door to happiness.

  • Hi for the first time and goodbye for the last, two things that are toughest to say in our life.

  • When the girl says, Can you give me your number? This is the most emotional moment in life of a boy?

  • Love isn’t what you can get, it’s all that you can offer.

  • Life is not how many breaths you take; it’s the moments that blow your breaths away.

romance images

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  • I know that I am not great, but my love has no fault.

  • I will be yours, You’re going to be mine and we’re going to be one love together.

  • Experiencing the love is much like rain.. It is unpredictable!

  • Don’t lie to yourself.  Just leave if you’re not happy.

  • When I told you .. I trust you… I just meant it. And so I love you.  

  • The Reality just hurts once, but any time you remember a LIE it always hurts!

  • Love is nice when it’s new, but when it lasts it is most precious.

  • If life really flashes before your eyes, I just want to see photos of you and me.

  • I could’ve been able to settle for less, if I knew what it would be like to have all of it.

  • Marriage is a relationship that only makes one person happy, and the other is the husband.

  • Perfect boyfriend: Doesn’t drink, doesn’t smoke, doesn’t cheat and furthermore Doesn’t even exist.

  • Have so much trust and love in your relationship so that you don’t have to ask… “WITH WHOM YOU WERE?”

loyalty images
  • Of course, if you do not know a person very well, it is possible to love that person.

  • The speediest method to get love is to give love.

  • It can still be broken even though someone breaks it to you gently.

  • My garden might be a single rose… My world is one friend.

  • We realizethat life’s worth only increases after it has been lost.

  • Love is like a fart, It’s definitely a dumbness, if you have to push it.

  • A good friend is going to help you drive and a best friend is going to help you drive a dead body.

  • A girl should marry for love and continue to date before she finds it.

  • I’m a cheap date, I pay nothing for it.

  • With each beat of my heart, I love U Dear.

  • Love Is A Weird Thing. It can make the weakest person strong & powerful person weak. 

heart status images
  • Like Iron I kept my heart strong, but I didn’t have any idea that your heart is a magnet.

  • My heart is my greatest enemy, because it is mine, but it just beats for you.

  • I’ve got a bad habit of reading a message and forgetting to answer.

  • I’m insane yet unique, you attempt to be me and you fail..

  • A surprising woman is behind every successful man.

  • There are million things on the planet I need, however all I need is you.

  • You may be one in the universe, but to one you may be the universe. 

  • Not everyone is dumb, some are bachelor.

  • My wife is clothing to kill. The same way she cooks.

  • Love is when you say that you love a guy’s shirt, then every day he’s wearing it.

  • There’s no one worth of your tears, and the guy deserving won’t make you cry.

  • Love Is Great & Necessary, Always, and But It’s Rare to Have the Feeling That “I Want to Be Forever with That Person.” 

best love status
  • You just do anything when you love someone. There Are No But’S, No Maybe’S & No Why’S.

  • I’m nothing without you, I’m everything with you. We’re everything together. 

  • Love Doesn’t Cause the World to go around. Love is the thing that Makes The Ride Valuable.

  • Even The Pure Silence Of Love, Has The Strength To Blow Out All The Chaos Of Life.

  • I Simply Need You To Be happy, doesn’t matter if I’M Not The Purpose for That smile.

  • One Day They’ll Understand They Lost A Jewel While Playing With Useless Stones.

  • You will never realize how creative you can be if you are just trying to be normal.

  • It is Good to call Me Cure. Calling me hot is awesome but all I want is to call me yours.

  • For once, I don’t have to pretend to be happy because it just happens when I’m with you.

  • No Matter What You Try, There’s No Resisting Love. If it is to happen, it will.

  • I’D Prefer To Run From You, However If You Didn’t Come and Discover Me… …..I would really Die.

  • It Take a large number of people to Make The Word. But Mine Is Made With One & Its’ You Baby.

romantic whatsapp
  • I assume that we will have to be secretly in love with each other and let it be safe.

  • Most people have a tougher time to let themselves love than to find someone to love them.

  • Love means exposing yourself to the suffering of being hurt, extremely damaged by a person whom you trust deeply.

  • To Love Somebody extremely strengthens you. Being Loved By Somebody Profoundly Give You Courage.

  • I want to grow old together with you and be able to say I have lived an incredible life with you.

  • When you love somebody more than they deserve, they’ll certainly hurt you times more than you deserve.

  • I want you. Anything about you. The flaws. The faults. Your mistakes.   Your weaknesses.  I really want you & just you.

  • You’re my best friend, my everyday life and my other half. I love you and you mean the most to me.

  • Even if nothing’s funny, I love the way you make me smile.

  • I like it when you smile but I love it when I am the reason for that precious smile.

  • Thinking about you keeps me awake, dreaming about you keeps me asleep & staying with you keeps me alive. Love You. Love You! Love You.

rose quotes
  • Are you a camera?  As I smile every time I look at you.

  • Food and sleep are my favorite things. When in late night I give you my food or message you then really you’re a special one to me.

  • The one who really loves you is the only one who has the courage to recognize and forgive your mistakes.

  • Those who hide their emotions are generally the most who cares.

  • Relationships never die of natural death…. They are destroyed by Ego, mentality and arrogance.

  • When you look at her, the best feeling is, that she is already staring at you.

  • I promise you to live in your heart and always feel like at home.

  • One day you are going to find someone who does not take care of your past for wanting to be with you in your future.

  • Love On Another, But Make Not A Contract Of Love: Let It Be A Moving Sea Between Your Souls Shores.

  • When the Sun is shining, remember all will love you. You know who truly cares about you in the maelstroms.

  • He’s mad, he’s funny, he’s making me scream, he’s driving me nuts, he’s out of his mind but he’s the only thing I want.

best status
  • There Are Such huge numbers of Things You Don’t even Know About Me, Yet I M Unquestionably sure About one thing that you know how much I love you.

  • You Are My Life. You Are My Expectations. You Are My Motivation. You Are My Beginning and End.

  • I pick you and I’ll Pick You, Over and Over and Over. Immediately, without even giving a second thought. I’ll Continue Choosing You.

  • I love smiling at unknown people. Some of them smile back.  Many of them get really Freaked Out, yet That Makes It worth it, despite all the trouble.

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