10 Holi Safety Tips and Precautions 2020

holi 2020

Holi is one of the most vivid and beautiful celebrations of India. The long end of the week makes it flawless to make some celebration memories with loved ones. Everybody is excited to celebrate by bringing home different colors, getting ready conventional Holi desserts and snacks, enriching the house, welcoming guests over home and so much. While it is an incredible time for social gatherings, one mustn’t neglect to focus on Holi safety tips and their wellbeing and magnificence. The colors which we buy from shops can cause a ton of damage since they contain chemical substances. Holi was generally played with normal gulal produced using blossoms and herbs, however now they have been supplanted by artificial colours.

It might be noticed that these artificial colours came into vogue as they were prior idea to be harmless. Other than their being at cheap prices as against the natural colors. Nowadays makers blend hurtful synthetic compounds in colors and play with the health of the purchasers for benefit. The synthetic concoctions included by them are harmful to such an extent that if they enter a human body, they may cause fatal diseases.

Nowadays most Holi colors sold in the market are chemicals or modern colors blended in with motor oil. These synthetic substances are known to make very serious skin and health issues.

For example –

Purple is gotten from chromium iodide – which may cause bronchial asthma or different types of sensitivity.

Red is gotten from mercury sulphite – may cause skin malignant growth or Minamata sickness (mental hindrance, loss of motion, debilitated vision.

Sparkling Colors are a consequence of powdered glass being added to the colors.

holi safety tips

Also, many liquid colors have a soluble base equipped for causing extreme wounds. colours as pastes in tubes have harmful mixes blended in a base of motor oil or other second rate quality oil, equipped for causing skin hypersensitivity, impermanent visual impairment.

Further, when washed, these colours enter the waterways, and then soil and water contamination.

Indeed, even the manner in which we play Holi is totally risky. Playing water filled balloons has gotten uncontrolled, which is unsafe. Everyone should acknowledge, what is a good time for them could make damage the eyes and ears to the others.

We regularly in general become overecxited while we are playing Holi, neglecting to avoid potential risk and cause further harm to our skin while washing to remove the colors away as we too much scrub ourselves. Every one of these components can truly hamper our skin and hair after the celebration. So here are the best 10 Holi safety tips to secure your skin before playing Holi:

1. Apply Coconut Oil and Sunscreen

holi safety oil

Since dry skin effectively permits synthetic substances to infiltrate the body, consistently apply coconut oil(preferably) on your whole body and apply mustard oil on your hairs, nearly an hour prior to playing. It is imperative to oil between fingertips, close to fingernails and behind the ear. Put waterproof sunscreen to shield your skin from sun harm.

2. Always use Eco-Friendly Colors

holi natural colors

Attempt to make colors at home by turmeric, marigold blossoms or herbal products; else purchase natural colours. Utilize a greater amount of light red or pink colors, which look great and can easily be washed. The Eco-friendly colours cause no harm to the skin. Likewise, your thought of playing Holi in an eco-friendly way will also be done.

3. Apply Nail Paint

holi safety nail colours

Apply a thick layer of dim nail paint, ideal the darkest shading possible, and remove it through nail paint remover after playing Holi.

4. Avoid using Strong Chemical Products

holi hard soap

Avoid utilizing cruel cleansers and liquids to dispose of the colours. Use a gentle soap for your skin and shampoo followed by conditioner for your hair. Don’t use lamp fuel, oil and spirits to evacuate stains, as they will additionally dry the skin.

5. Remain Hydrated 

dehydration on holi

It is significant for you to remain hydrated. So drink clean water all through to keep your vitality levels high. When an individual is seriously got dried out, skin is less flexible. Drying out brings down your blood volume, so your heart must work harder to pump the decreased measure of blood and get enough oxygen to your body cells.

6. Be careful with Cuts and Wounds

holi precautions

If you hurt yourself while playing Holi then quickly wash that specific zone and put ice on it. Clean with an antibacterial moisturizer to keep away from ingestion of synthetics, and get a tetanus injection if you haven’t taken one in the last 4-5 months. If you as of now have an open injury or cut on your body before Holi, do utilize a bandage in order to dodge the passage and absorption of any hurtful chemicals.

7. Respect Environment

animals cruelty

Respect the resources and abstain from wasting an excessive amount of water. Avoid tossing water balloons from a distance as they may harm somebody. Respect all types of life and don’t put colours on road animals and pets. It is very unsafe to them and sums to cruelty.

8. Wear Sunglasses

holi sunglasses

Secure your eyes by wearing shades and expel contact lenses before going outside. If colors enters the eyes quickly wash them with cold water.

9. Always play it Safe

emergency tips holi

Try not to drive in the event that you are high on liquor or bhang. Keep helpful anti-oxidants, anti-allergic tablets. Abstain from running on wet floors, so that you don’t slip and harm yourself. Bones are exceptionally defenseless on this day. Keep a list of emrgency contacts with you like of doctor or hospital in case unfortunately required.

10. Take Care Also After Holi

holi needs

The day after Holi, blend two tablespoons of honey in with a large portion of a-cup of curd. Include a touch of turmeric. Apply this on the face, neck and arms. Leave it dry for 20 minutes and rinse off with water. This assists in removing the tan and mollify the skin.


Everyone must understand that the colours in Holi are to make the celebration cheerful and pleasant and not to make burden to others. So now whenevr you play with colours utilize great quality or herbal colors and play as per the comfort of others also.

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