HOLI 2020 : Introduction

Holi 2020 is the most awaited and colourful festival of the year, not only celebrated by indians but people all over the globe. This festival falls in the month of march , marks the beginning of the spring season. Holi 2020 is the happiest and and enthusiastic festival celebrated in the same manner by the people since ages. The beauty of the holi 2020 festival lies in the fact that it is celebrated by all religions as a family. 

Hence, eliminating every kind of discrimination on the basis of caste, colour , creed , sex , etc. This beauty is even more colorful than the actual colours used in playing holi.

Significance Of HOLI 2020

Holi 2020 is not just a festival to play with colors and have fun but there is a reason behind celebrating holi every year. According to Hindu Mythology , there lived a king named Hiranyakashyap. He had a sister named Holika and a son named Prahlad. Holika was granted a boon of not getting killed by fire. Prahlad was a great devotee of Lord Vishnu which his father hated .

He often warned and punished his son Prahlad for worshipping Lord Vishnu but he was determined . This made the king furious and he ordered to get his son killed by placing him on the lap of Holika and then sitting on fire. Because he knew about the boon granted to her sister. None knew that destiny has something else in store for them. The tables turned and to everyone’s surprise, Prahlad was saved and Holika was burnt in fire inspite of her boon. This marked the victory of good over bad , hell over heaven and God over devil.

Thus, Holi 2020 festival symbolises the victory of good over evil.

HOLI 2020 Celebrations

The burning of wood and cowdung cakes on the eve of Holi marks the beginning of Holi celebrations. This is called Holika Dahan to depict the burning of Holika. Many traditional songs are sung by the women. This is a tradition followed by hindus as they believed that this practice wil get all the negativity and evil forces away from them and bring goodluck and positivity.

Holi 2020 is celebrated by throwing colours on each other. The fact that makes the Holi 2020 festival even more enjoyable is that people throw watery colours and water balloons upon others. It is the most awaited festival by the people especially the children . Even the adults leaves behind all their reticence and enjoy just like children do.

People worship lord Krishna (the 8th avatar of Lord Vishnu ) and apply colours on him. Families and relatives celebrate this festival together sharing their happiness together. People sing, dance and prepare sweets (especially gujiya) and share it with their friends and family.
The holi day is declared as a public holiday by the Indian Government which means all schools, colleges and public institutions are closed on this day threby allowing people to celebrate this colourful festival to their fullest . Traditionally Holi is celebrated for five days and the last day is celebrated as Rang-Panchami .

HOLI 2020 : The Festival Of colors

Holi 2020 without colors is meaningless. People mainly celebrate this festival by throwing colors upon each other. Holi 2020 marks the arrival of spring season thus its colors marks the fresh harvest, fresh fruits and vegetables to be harvested that spring season. The bright and vibrant colors boost up our energy level and fill our bodies and minds with positivity and peace.
One can see colors everywhere on this day. People walk on the roads remaining unaware of the colors and water balloons thrown on them. Many rangoli making, coloring and painting competitions are held on this day to add more colors to this festival . No name other than “The Festival Of Colors” can be suitable for this day.

Things to avoid during HOLI

Holi 2020 is celebrated with joy but some care should be taken while celebrating it . We should be careful while purchasing colors as they may contain harmful chemicals which can be harsh on the skin. We should avoid cheap priced colors from the local market and use eco-friendly colors . Everyone must also aware our family, friends and relatives about this issue .
Holi 2020, being a social festival , is celebrated inappropriately by some people . They get drunk , enter crowded streets and may behave inappropriately with women. They pass bad comments, talk unparliamentary words and abuse women singing bad songs.

 Many foreigners visit India to witness the beauty of this festival and to see how we celebrate it. The actions of these drunkards may spoil the image of our country. Thus, we should not only be cautious of our safety but also the safety of our guests. Our safety is much more important than having fun . Women should be cautious of their safety and not entertain any kind of bad behaviour with them. 

They should not play holi with strangers and should only play with people well known to them. Children throw water balloons upon people , thus may end up hurting others unintensionally. Thus their parents must have an eye upon them and see what their kids are upto.


Each and every festival has a meaning. Holi 2020 is a festival which fill our minds with happiness , joy , peace and rejuvenates us completely . We should maintain the decorum and spirit of this festival by celebrating it in a decent way.

Holi 2020 festival is celebrated not only by the Hindus but by people of all religions symbolizing the unity of our nation . It shows the world the power of unity and brings us even more closer and makes us even more happier.