Happy Teddy Day 2020 : Wishes, Quotes and Messages

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Teddy Day, which is praised on February 10 each year is the fourth day of the Valentines week. Celebrated by persons of all age bunches from adolescents to youths, this day is the most loved of young ladies. On the Happy Teddy Day 2020 individuals gift adorable teddy bears on for one another so as to show their adoration and care. If you are additionally considering sending a teddy to your cherished, at that point proceed. Likewise, remember to compose a magnificent message alongside the teddy. Write a flawless message alongside the teddy which will pass on your sentiments of love on Happy Teddy Day 2020. Happy Teddy Day 2020 brings some more cuteness, adorableness and young energy in relationships.

On the chance that you are searching Happy Teddy Day 2020 images and wishes to wish your partner on this dazzling day then you don’t have to search anywhere else for Teddy Day wishes quotes as here we have an enormous collection of Teddy Day wishes, pics and numerous different things like quotes, messages, status and so on. Likewise get Happy Teddy Day 2020 images for FB, Whatsapp and send these happy Teddy Day 2020 Images to your darling.

Teddy Day Wishes for your Partner

  • A sweet Teddy Bear, To My sweet friend, On A sweet occasion, Just To Say, Happy Teddy Bear Day!

  • On Teddy Bear Day We Think Of Those Who Make Our life valuable, Those compassionate,Friendly People Who We Think Of With A Smile. I Am very lucky To Know You, That’s Why I Want To Say, To A important And Special Person: Happy Teddy Bear Day!

  • My teddy helps me to remember you. It is delicate and warm like you. Happy Teddy Day!

  • You are the explanation of my happiness and satisfaction. Wishing you an amazing happy Teddy Day.

  • Darling, let me be your teddy and consistently stay close by. Happy Teddy Day!

  • There is nothing more warm and verify in this world than being in your arms. Happy Teddy Day!

  • This adorable teddy is a blessing from me to give you the amount I love you. Happy Teddy Day!

happy teddy day 2020

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  • I am gifting you this teddy, so that at whatever point you see at it you would be happy to remember me. Happy Teddy Day!

  • It’s Teddy Bear Day

    I simply needed to say


  • It’s a HAPPY TEDDY BEAR DAY 2020! What’s more, I ‘m thinking somebody adorable and huggable that somebody SPECIAL IS YOU. Happy Teddy Bear Day!

  • You will most likely be unable to hug me however you can without a doubt hug this teddy bear. Happy Teddy Day dear!

  • Regardless of whether the sun will not sparkle, the words won’t rhyme…You will consistently be my valentine. Love you darling…

    Happy Teddy Day!!

  • Always prepared to fall in love with you to look all starry eyed at you from time to time. Love you.

    Happy Teddy Day Sweetu!

  • To the cutest teddy I know – I love you! Miss your love squeezes.

    Happy Teddy Day!

  • Infinite sweet Teddy and much love from my side on this Teddy Bear Day!

  • It’s Teddy bear day and I am surrendering for your insane loving squeeze!

  • Sending a teddy to my cutest cuddly darling who is unquestionably my life. Happy Teddy Day.

  • Happy Teddy Bear day to my lovely and cutest cuddly darling!

  • Happy Teddy Bear Day to my companion who gives the best “loveing hugs”. Thanks to god as you are here for me.

  • A room without a teddy resembles a face without a grin. Happy Teddy Bear Day, my princess.

  • Hello you, happy teddy day 2020, I realize you are insane for teddies, however I didn’t let you know ever that ur my teddy bear.

teddy bear messages
  • Some call you at fatso, yet for me you my charming, bubbly, pudgy teddy bear. I love you and happy teddy bear day.

  • Happy teddy bear day my darling, I love you 3000. You are the cutest lady I know and I really want to be ur partner.

  • Wishing happy teddy bear day to a genuine teddy. Expecting you dont mind me saying you teddy.

  • You are insane for teddies and I know this. On this happy teddy day 2020, I need to become ur teddy. Embrace me, curddle me, love me.

  • Happy teddy bear day my darling. I love you so much and you are my preferred teddy. Believe me.

  • You know what, ur hairs are milder than teddy’s hair, eyes shiner than teddy, and ur shaper than teddy, love you!

  • Happy teddy bear day my sweet, lovely, bubbly darling. I love you a ton. Be my teddy bear forever.

  • Happy teddy day 2020 darling. I am sending you an adorable teddy as a sign of love. Love you janu.

Beautiful Quotes for Teddy Day

Regardless of whether the sun wouldn’t shine, regardless of whether sentiment came up short on rhyme, you would in any case have my heart until the end of time, you’re all I need, my adoration. Happy Teddy Day.


On Teddy Day, we think about the person who make our life advantageous, that lovely, beautiful person who we consider with a smile. I am blessed to Know you, that is the reason I want to say, to a precious and unique one, Happy Teddy Day!


Happy appears to embody the erect magnificence and character we as a whole look for in our teddy bear-look into those incredible huge eyes and your heart just melts, Happy Teddy Day.


In this precious Valentine week, on this exceptional Teddy Day, I need to admit my affection for you, there never was, there never will be another you! Happy Teddy Day!


You are everlasting like love, you are charming as a stuff toy, accept this teddy as my heart, it’s loaded up with my affection and my delight! Happy Teddy Day.

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Bears are just about the main toy that can lose pretty much everything and still keep up their pride and worth. Happy Teddy Day!


Teddy bears like to do morning picnics in the late spring, so they can appreciate the daylight before it’s unreasonably sweltering for their hairy selves…Happy Teddy Day!


Happy appears to typify the sheer magnificence and character we as a whole look for in our teddy bear-look into those incredible enormous eyes and your heart just melts, Happy Teddy Day!!! 


Recall when I said Teddy can’t rest without me? Well,truth is, I can’t rest without Teddy. Happy Teddy Day”


There’s just something about a Teddy Bear that’s impossible to explain. When you hold one in your arms, you get a feeling of love, comfort, and security. It’s almost supernatural.

– James Ownby


Now that I’m all grown up, I can buy any old Teddy Bear I want except the old Teddy Bear I want.

– William Sternman


A teddy bear is your childhood wrapped up in faded yellow fur, and as such, he commands affection long after he is outgrown.

– Pam Brown

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Happy Teddy Day 2020 Status in Hindi

भेज रहा हूँ teddy तुम्हें प्यार से।।

रखना इसे तुम सम्भाल के।।

मोहब्बत है अगर तो भेज दो एक teddy मुझे भी,

रखूँगा उसे अपनी जान से भी ज्यादा संभाल के।।


तुम मुस्कुराते रहो teddy bear की तरह।।

खुश रहो हमेशा Panda की तरह।।

बस गए हो दिल में किसी dear की तरह

Happy Teddy Bear My डिअर।।


अगर आप एक teddy होते तो हम आपको अपने पास ही रख लेते।

डाल झोली में साथ अपने ले चलते Hug करके और रोज़ रात को अपने साथ सुलाते।।


teddy bear images


जानते है वो फिर भी ना जाने क्यों अनजान बनते हैं।।

इसी तरह वो हमे परेशान करते हैं।।

पूछते है हमसे की आपको क्या पसंद है।।

खुद ही जवाब होकर सवाल करते हैं।।

Happy Teddy Day love 


आजकल हम हर teddy bear को देख मुस्कुराते हैं ,

अब कैसे बताये उन्हें कि हमे हर teddy में बस वो ही नज़र आते हैं

Happy Teddy Bear Day


बिना टेड्डी बेयर के बेडरूम,

 जैसे एक बिना हंसी के चेहरे की तरह है

Happy Teddy Day 2020


जब भी तुम्हारी याद सताती है

मैं तुम्हारे Teddy को अपने गले लगा लेती हूँ

Happy Teddy Day 2020


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