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5 september

Happy Teachers Day 2020!! In all educational organizations, teachers are a key role model. No matter if it is a school, college, university or any other institution they work hard to shape their students’ lives. Teachers are our society’s most important foundations which are unfortunately usually ignored or overlooked. The teachers are the biggest driving force most of the time when a community changes for the better, as they sacrifice a lot to educate and train children into the adults who make the change. He/she would always be the one who is happy to see your achievement other than your parents.

So, this Happy Teachers Day all teachers should be honored for their support for educating and directing the students on the right direction. Show your awesome teachers appreciation by sending them out wonderful images, quotes, wishes and greetings. Thanks in a unique way to your teachers by sending out the best words written by WishesNinety and making them feel special.

Teachers are true legends. This page provides you with a wide variety of Happy Teacher’s Day wishes, messages as well as thankfulness words for teachers, which will surely make him / her happy.

happy teachers day

Best Teachers Day Wishes

  • You are really a great mentor who knew very well how to enlighten a soul with its own light. Happy teachers’ day to my favorite teacher!

  • Every effort and hard work that you have put into bringing out the best in us can never be repaid in just words. We can only feel fortunate to have such a teacher as you!

  • Our parents gave us life and you were the one who taught us to live it. You’ve introduced our character to transparency, sincerity and love. Happy teachers day 2020!

  • As a teacher it was your unsatisfactory passion for teaching and uncompromising principles that formed what we are today! Happy teachers day!

  • Dear teacher, you are a perfect leader and mentor and you shaped my career well. I thank you for your efforts and I hope that you will also remain a superb mentor to others. Happy Teachers Day!

  • Thanks for guiding me a subject that I felt I would never understand or be interested in. Thank you for making it interesting to learn. Happy Teacher’s Day!

  • Thank you for being our safe zone, someone who first tried to be our friend and later, a teacher! We owe them all too much! Happy teachers day 2020!

  • It’s not like a 9 to 5 job to be a professor, thank you for being available anytime we have a problem. Thank you for making us always feels this way! Happy teacher’s day to my favourite sir!

  • Thank you for being an outstanding teacher who has missed god knows how many night sleeps! We are blessed in our lives to have a guide like you!

  • It has been a great pleasure to be able to attend your classes; you have trained us in the loveliest way possible! Thank you for your kindness to us!

  • You gave all of us the motivation to think ambitiously and all the assets to achieve it. You are a gift in our life. Happy teachers’ day!   

Happy Teachers Day

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  • Thanks for inspiring my heart to be warmer and sweet enough to be kind to me, I will always remember you everywhere I go! Happy teachers day Mam!

  • Thank you for always taking care of us and telling us that we were all doing fine; you are the best teacher in the world! Thanks for all of this!

  • Happy teachers’ day! It was an pleasure to get so many things learned from you; thank you for inspiring me! In our schools and universities we need more teachers, like you. Thankyou Ma’am!  

  • Thank you so much for making our day fresher with your beautiful smile, every day! Your positive attitude has helped us to survive the College days so much! Happy teachers day!

  • Much thankful to you for driving me to arrive at my possibilities and making me think past down to earth limits and helping me to do incredible things. I am grateful for everything, professor!

  • Thank you, dear teacher, for planting the seeds which will last for lifetime! Happy teachers day, I love you for everything you’ve ever done for me!

  • Thank you, teacher, for always blessing us with “Hey Kids,” and after all these years, still treating us as your kid! Good day teachers, you are a great blessing!

  • Teaching is the best career that one will ever have. I always feel fortunate to have you as my teacher. Happy teacher’s day! Wish you make some good memories today!

  • Thank you for making me fall in love with a subject I thought I feared and can’t get enough of it now! Thank you ma’am! I owe it all to you.

  • Thank you for motivating me every time I feel lost, nourishing my abilities and helping me conquer my fears! A very happy teachers day to you, Sir!

  • Happy Teachers’ Day 2020 to you. You are my favourite teacher of all time. I learned a lot from you but most of all I learned is how to be a positive person in life!

  • Dear Teacher, thank you for inspiring me with hope, igniting my creative mind and cultivate in me a love of learning. Happy Teacher’s Day 2020!

teacher day HD images
  • You were educating us like a teacher, protecting us like our parents and directing us like a mentor. You really deserve so much this day. Happy teacher’s day to my dearest teacher!

  • Every word that you say is so full of knowledge. For me, you are and will ever be the best teacher there has been. My wholeheartedly respect for you. Happy 2020 Teachers’ Day!

  • Our teacher’s courage and sacrifices should be honored every day. Not a single day in a year. On this special moment I wish you all the best. You’re my favorite mentor!

  • You have a magical ability to make young people motivate like me. In our schools and colleges we need more teachers, like you. Happy teacher’s day to you!

  • You show me how to behave maturely, you teach me important lessons and you help me learn from my mistakes. It is understatement to say that I love you, for what you do for me. Happy Teacher’s Day!

  • Your loving and caring ways have always made a difference! Happy Teachers Day! Thank you for gripping my little hands and showing me everything I have learned until now, mam. Have a wonderful day!

  • I was sure that life would be a fantastic journey with a great teacher like you, but I never thought you would also make this path to success such a cakewalk.  I cannot express my thanks, Sir!

  • Dear Teacher, Wishing you a very Happy Teachers Day. Thank you for being the guiding light and encouraging me to do a good job in my studies. You’re a really great teacher.

  • Teachers are the parents who are leading you with no other secondary motive. Thank you, dear teacher, for being my inspiration and my strength! Happy Teacher’s Day!

  • To someone who took the time to listen to my concerns, guide me along the path to experience and reassure me on the path of my life. Happy Teachers Day!

  • You encouraged me to accomplish my goals and make my dreams come true. Moreover, you helped me to be you. Thank you, Teacher. Happiest Teachers Day!

  • Teacher, you have shaped me into being the person I am today. I am eternally thankful for what you have given me! Happy teacher’s day!

Happy Teachers Day

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Sweet Teachers' Day Messgaes

  • You are the World’s Best Trainer. I will always remember wherever I will go in my life that I had an excellent guide in the form of a teacher, like you.

  • Dear teacher, Thank you for helping and guiding me in my entire journey. If I could have your blessing for a lifetime, I would be good in the way I always have been. Have a great Teachers’ Day!

  • Teachers always lead by example and you’ve always been such a great example to follow. As a student I feel very thankful in my life for having such a wonderful mentor. Happy Teacher’s Day!

  • I was fortunate enough to have as good a teacher as you are. Wishing you a Happy Teacher’s Day filled with good moments!

  • They help us achieve goals, they provide us role models, and they are such beautiful souls that help grow the student-poles. Happy Teacher Day!

  • You led me when I was confused, you supported me when I was helpless, and all through you have enlightened me. Happy and glorious Teacher’s Day!

  • Teacher, you were a guiding star and today I thank you for all the encouragement and education you showered upon me. Happy Teachers Day!

  • You’re not only a teacher, but a great inspiration to me. Not only have you done your job, but a lot more than that. Thank you, and have a wonderful Teacher’s Day!

  • Congratulations, dear Teacher, on this special day. Huge thanks for motivating and teaching us.

  • The only treasured teacher I can think of here is You! Best wishes on Teacher’s Day!

  • You have made me the best just because of your devotion and determination. Thank you, dear Teacher!

  • Teacher, you’ve always encouraged me to get good grades and to work hard. I will remember you forever. Happy Teacher’s Day!  

happy teachers day
  • Thank you for all the hard work you have done to help me grow and become what I am today. Happy Teacher’s Day!

  • If knowledge is the energy, then you are the powerful mantra that gives this energy to us. Thanks to you, we gave up ignorance and were able to discover this wonderful world full of knowledge and awesome mysteries!

  • We have all come here to thank you for all the efforts and hard work that you put into us!

  • Dear Mam, two simple words “Thank you” are not enough to tell you how thankful we are.  You taught us to be gentlemen and that is the most important thing that we have learned during this journey. Thank you and Happy Teachers Day!  

  • The best thing a teacher can do is show to students that they’re clever, intelligent, talented and imaginative. Thank you for your excellent work, and for making us who we really are.

  • We all respect your dedication to your work and your courage! You are an inspirational teacher who is doing a great deal for learners and we all appreciate that. Thank you for giving us these priceless lessons!

  • We wish you to have even better students next year than we were!

  • You are a wonderful mentor, dear teacher. Thank you so much and a happy teachers day..! 

  • I know it’s hard to be a teacher, because you have to be patient and love children. You have been a great teacher, you have always believed in us, and that’s what made us believe in ourselves. Thank you for that!

  • We were intolerable some times, sometimes we did the craziest things … But above all, you never lost your faith in us. And that’s what makes us so grateful to you.

  • Thank you, dear teacher, for all the wonderful lessons and valuable skills you gave us. 

thank you dear sir
  • From the bottom of our hearts we all wanted to thank you for never losing your patience with us and for teaching us all we know today! It really helps succeeding in life!

  • A good professor will only open doors for you, it is you who have a job to do. Happy Teacher’s Day!

  • Great teachers are the reason why average students dream of doing something exceptional … Happy Teacher’s Day!

  • A Great Teacher is what a parent never can be…

  • To me you are not just a mentor, you are also a motivation. I am lucky enough to have you as a leader. Happy Teacher’s Day!

  • Thank you very much dear Teacher for encouraging me endlessly to do my best. I am obliged… Happy Teachers Day!!

  • I’m going to give her A++ in case I have to give my teacher marks.

  • In my eyes you are a hero. Wishing you Happy Teachers’ Day!

  • Thank you for having given me the opportunities to dream big and succeed. Happy Teachers Day!

  • You encouraged me to question, think and learn about it. Thank you for what you’ve done for me … Good Day Teacher! Happy Teacher’s Day!!    

  • The only profession that helps you to consider all the other careers is teaching. Happy Teacher’s day!!

greetings for sir
  • I am fortunate to have an educator like you. You’re an amazing guide. Happy Teachers Day!

  • Thank you teacher for being the beauty of my life. Happy Teacher’s Day!

  • You showed us not just the subject – you showed us life. Each time I experience difficulties or issues, I recollect your priceless words and everything becomes all-good. Thank you for always having been the wisest and most caring teacher!

  • Thank you, Professor, for encouraging me to work well. All I’ve got in life credit goes to you. A big thanks to you. Happy Teacher’s Day 2020!

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