Happy Kiss Day 2020: Images, Date, and Types of Kisses to Kiss !

Happy Kiss Day 2020: This day is celebrated on 13th February, 2020. Couples will post their kissing poses on their social media accounts and give each other a promise to stay loyal in relationship. 

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Valentine’s day is on its way to spread an era of love and romanticism. The excitement has all gone high. The lovers are making different romantic plans- making arrangements for a perfect date, romantic proposal plans, date night, lovely dinner, etc. to express their feelings to their special someone. They plan to give different gifts like chocolates, hearts to make their partner feel more special. Everyone has some or the other plans be it with their love, friends or family. Love is in the air.

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Nevertheless, Kiss day is celebrated by couples, just a day before Valentine’s day, to express their love to each other with gestures. A kiss expresses feelings of love, devotion, fondness, respect, greeting, friendship, affection, liking and warmth, among many others. There are varied types of kisses which convey exactly whatever you feel about your partner. Thus, it is important to understand the momentousness of each type of kiss.

Happy Kiss Day 2020: Images

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Types of Kisses

  1. Forehead Kiss: The forehead kiss is a sweet and protecting sign. It signifies a love full of care and regarded to be a way of expressing love, affection and respect towards your beloved. It shows that you don’t want your partner to ever get hurt. So, this kiss day remember to kiss your love on their forehead and show them your care and affection.

2. Cheek Kiss: This is a type of kiss which shows affection of a person towards his/her partner. If a guy kisses you on your cheek, it signifies that he is in love with you and respects you as kisses you gently on your cheek instead of kissing you on your lips. It is a kiss used by friends and family. As far couple are concerned, cheek kiss implies that a person has romantic feelings for you. When he kisses you, it’s not just about romance but it is also an indicator of your partner’s growing love for you. It may also signify a friendly greeting.

3. Hand Kiss: It is quite romantic when a person holds your hand and kisses the back of your palm softly. It is a respectful gesture and signifies your love, respect and appreciation towards your beloved. If he kisses you on your hand, it implies that he really has repect for you as a lady.

4. Butterfly Kiss: This is quite rare. This kind of kiss is soft and sweet even though there are no lips involved. If you want to give your partner a butterfly kiss, what you should do is move your face close to your partner, such that you and your partner’s eyes are almost touching. Then, flicker your eyelids. This will make your partner feel as if he/ she is being kissed by a butterfly. While receiving a butterfly kiss, you should close your eyes and feel that special moment. But while doing this, you should be careful and see that you don’t hurt your partner’s eyes. This is one of the kinds of intimate kisses and shows the mad love of your partner towards you.

5. Air Kiss: Air kissing is a type of kiss that involves blowing a kiss without actually kissing the other. It is accompanied a muah sound which seems as if you are really kissing your partner. If you receive an air kiss, it shows that the person giving the kiss has a crush on you.

6. Eskimo Kiss: It is mainly used by parents to express their love and affection towards their kids. It is a nose-to-nose kiss wherein a little side-to-side rubbing motion of the nose is performed. It can be a perfect kiss for the couples as it may lead to a romantic lip kiss. It is a lovely way to convey your love feelings towards your partner.

7. French Kiss: It is a deep kiss often referred to as the lover’s kiss. This kiss is done mainly on your partner’s lips and tongue . Kissing your partner’s lips, tongue and mouth stimulates your partner as they are extremely sensitive to touch. This type of kiss is a great source of pleasure. But you should be careful while doing this kiss as it is a mode of transmission and infection of some diseases. 

8. Earlobe Kiss: This type of kiss involves taking your patner’s earlobes between your lips and then tugging them downward. It is given to someone with whom you are in a romantic relationship. You can’t do it to strangers or casual friends. This kiss is very meaningful and it is a hot and passionate kiss. You can do this kiss in public as it is not much wild as french kiss. 

Thus, there are many more types of kisses with which you can express your feelings to your partner. Make sure your partner is comfortable and he/she doesn’t get hurt. Also, make sure that you don’t have a bad breath as it can be a real turn off for your partner and spoil his/her mood completely.

Happy Kiss Day 2020 images download

So, this kiss day, make your partner feel special and loved with a romantic and lovely kiss which you both can cherish all your lives. Have a romantic kiss day !

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