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WishesNinety presents you respectful birthday wishes for teacher with beautiful cards to make your teacher feel happy and special.

Happy Birthday teacher

A teacher is the one who shapes the character of a person and makes him a better citizen of our country. One can never erase the influence of a good teacher. A good teacher doesn’t teach from the books but from the heart. You are fortunate if you have got a good teacher in your life. You must make sure that you make her realize how significant her role is in your life. And if it’s her birthday, it becomes utmost necessary. Wishesninety brings for you the sweetest, loveliest and heart-melting birthday wishes for teacher that you can use to wish her a very happy birthday.

50+ Birthday wishes for teacher

Birthday Wishes messages For Teacher

Dear mam, you have affected my life eternally. I can not tell you where your influence stops. I wish you a very happy birthday mam!

Dear teacher, you not only have the best teaching skills but also the best character. You inspire your students and effectively motivate them. May God bless you for all your efforts in serving this institute and make your entire life special! A very happy birthday wishes from your students!

Happy Birthday Teacher Quotes

It takes a huge heart to shape little hearts and minds, and I want to thank you for shaping my whole life. I wish you a day full of joy and happiness. 

You took my hand, opened my mind and touched my heart. I can not even express my gratitude to you. Happiest birthday to you mam. 

birthday wishes for teachers

Every teacher doesn’t deserve to be called one beacause that title is reserved for some great teachers like you. May God bless you and give you more blessings so that you could shape many lives like mine!

birthday cards for teachers

Dear teacher, you have encouraged my mind to think, my hands to create and my heart to love. I wish you the happiest birthday!

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Teachers teach from the books but you teach from the heart. I am very fortunate to be blessed with the greatest teacher. Happy birthday mam!

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No, you’re not a superhero, you’re someone even more powerful. You’re a teacher who doesn’t need a cape because you’ve lifted up the amazing and inspiring kids you teach. Happiest birthday to you !

I had no idea why you singled me out for the extra lessons. You saw the potential in me when none saw and you did not stop until you had fanned it into flames. I just want to say thank you and more thank you. Happiest birthday to my dearest teacher!

birthday wishes for teacher

You are not just my teacher, but my best friend, guiding force, philosopher and awakener. I can never thank you enough to give me your teachings. Happiest birthday to you!

You have inspired my hope, ignited my imagination. and instilled in me a love for learning. May God always bless you and give you many happiness on your special day!

happy birthday quotes for teacher

A day with a great teacher like you is better than a thousand days of diligent study. I wish you a very happy birthday!

You gave me the best gift: belief in me. I can never repay you for that. Today, I just want to wish you the happiest birthday!

Happy Birthday quotes wishes for teachers

Dear teacher, you are the master of the art of changing lives with just the right mix of chalk and challenges. Wish you a joyous and amazing birthday!

It’s very rare to find a good humoured teacher like you who convey a sense of happiness, smile and find the fun in situations in a way that brings the teaching moment into focus. Happy birthday to you!

You are the best teacher that I ever got in my life because your influence on me extends beyond the classroom into the future. This day is indeed special because it’s your birthday. I wish you a very happy birthday!

Although we never say it, you are an inspiration for all of us. Happy birthday to the most extraordinary teacher!

Happy birthday teacher! May the sunshine of your knowledge illuminate the dark lives of many! 

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You taught us the difference between wrong and right, you took us from the darkness towards light. You gave us wings, so that we can explore many things. Happy birthday teacher!

I found friendship, guidance, discipline and love, everything in one person and that person is you. I wish you a very happy birthday teacher. 

Dear teacher, today I want to thank you for changing my entire life’s view. I just want to become a person like you. Happiest birthday to my inspiration!

Having you as a teacher is a guarantee that I’ll never be lost in the darknes no matter how difficult the life becomes. Happiest birthday to the best teacher!

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Although we may not remain your students forever, but you will always be our teacher because your blessings, lessons and teachings will remain with us forever. Happiest birthday to the greatest teacher!

The only reason I am better today is your faith in me as you always kept saying  “You can do better”. Happiest birthday to the best teacher ever!

Happy birthday madam quotes for teacher

Dear teacher, I have done hardwork and made it this far, but I owe my success to your motivation and life teachings. May God bless you today and spread happiness in your entire life!

I would have been ignored, forgotten, and lost in the crowd if you were not there. None but you saw the potential in me and that’s the only reason I became as best as I could be. Happiest birthday to my dearest teacher!

You not only taught us how to add numbers but also how to add values in our lives. Thanks for motivating and guiding us always. We wish you a very happy birthday !

Best happy birthday mam wishes messages

You are not the only teacher I had in my life but yours are the only classes that I miss really bad. I wish you more success and happiness in your life. Happy birthday to my favorite teacher!

We never got bored of your lectures as you made each lesson a fun filled experience. Thankyou and we wish you the happiest birthday!

Although I was not the brightest or smartest student in your class, you have made me the person I am today. I wish you the best birthday ever!

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