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Wake up, inhale the fresh air and enjoy the fragrance of nature with all your heart and soul. Good Morning!

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With each new day, comes new hopes and aspirations. Don’t miss any one by remaining sleeping. Good Morning!

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I wish this good morning text brings a bright smile on your face at the very beginning of the day. Good Morning!

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Get up and thank God for giving you this beautiful day for many did not get this chance. Good Morning!

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A new day is like a second chace for you to prove yourself that you are worth it. Good Morning!

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Every morning the only thought I have is about you. Good morning my love.

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My morning becomes more beautiful when I have you by my side. Good morning gorgeous! 

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Nothing is certain in this life. But after every sunset there will be a sunrise to give you a chance to work for your dreams. Good Morning!

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At night, you dream about your ambitions. Now wake up, and work for it. Good Morning!

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Waking up early helps you gain good health and beauty. Good Morning!

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Wake up dear. A beautiful morning awaits you outside your door. Good Morning!

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A thing which can make this beautiful morning more beautiful is your pretty smile. Good Morning love! 

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The best way to live a beautiful morning is to start the day by having a cup of coffee and thanking God for this day. Happy Good Morning!

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Missing the grace of this morning by remaining sleeping will be the worst thing. So, wake up and feel the nature wishing you a Good morning!

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A good day begins with a good morning. So, get up and have a good start of the day. Good Morning!

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A way in which we can be closer to nature is to breathe in the morning fresh air. Happy Good Morning!

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Getting up early and being close to nature makes us healthier and wiser. Good Morning!

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Every morning brings with it tonnes of blessings. Don’t ignore the blessings that each morning gives us. That’s a stepping stone to success.

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Time to bid goodbye to the moon and welcome the blazing sun with open arms and hearts singing with joy. 

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A beautiful morning like this calms our mind and gives us a reason to smile. Nothing can be more rejuvenating than such a morning. Happy morning! 

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I hope you rise and shine like the blazing sun of this new day. Good morning!

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The dark phase of night has ended and now the shining sun is up to show that pains and sorrows are just temporary phases of life. 

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Wake up and look outside. The bright and blissful sun has risen to guide you through the melancholic phases of life. 

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Get up, rejuvenate yourself with a cup of morning tea and get all set to face the challenges of the new day. Good morning!

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You have lit my life just as the rising sun illuminate a dark room. Good morning my love!

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I hope the blissful rays of the sun bless you with many reasons to smile. Because your smile is all I need. Have a good day!

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A thing which I look forward to every morning is wishing you a sweet good morning.

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Each morning, I just think about you and thank God for blessing me with a person like you. Have a wonderful day!

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The sun rays bring with it the rays of love which I feel for you every morning. Good morning!

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The opportunity of wishing their loved ones good morning is got by only the fortunate ones. And I am one among them. Good morning!

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Irrespective of all the fights we had last night, I cannot start my day without wishing you a good morning. Good morning dear friend!

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Life is too short to skip mornings. So, wake up and get your lazy bones working. Good morning lazy boy!

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The two biggest enemies of good heath are sleeping late and waking up late. Get up boy!

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Wake up and get to work as there is no Oscar awarded for oversleeping in the morning and getting up late. Get up now!

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You are the reason behind my every awesome day. I am looking forward to making this day fabulous too with the presence of you. Good Morning!

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I feel the warmth of your love as soon as the morning sun rays fall upon me. Wake up my love!

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My morning is beautiful as I have the most beautiful person beside me. Good morning! 

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A new day is another chance for you to turn your dreams into reality. So, don’t waste the morning and make it worth it. 

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May your life be filled with love, tenderness and care. You are the special one for me and I will always keep loving you. 

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As the morning breeze touches my face, I feel that you just woke me up with your soft hands. Good morning love!

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