Cute Flirty Text Messages, Sms, to Impress Your Crush (100% Working)

WishesNinety presents you a unique and best cute flirty text messages to impress your crush instantly.

It’s not a kid’s  play to impress a girl. But it is true that it’s not impossible. It’s untrue that only a few have the ability to flirt with a girl. Anyone can flirt with a girl over text messages. You just need to pay attention to what the girl loves to hear. You can win over a girl and melt her heart with your flirty text messages. It’s a trick to choose your words to send a girl.These messages can turn her on and arises a genuine interest in you.You don’t need to use fancy words. Even simple words can sound romantic if you know how to use them in your messages.

cute flirty text messages

Can I get an opportunity to touch you and kiss you? I just wanted to check if you’re made up of sugar. Because you’re very sweet!

Whenever I’m with you, I wonder if I am awake or dreaming as you have exactly the same face as my dreamgirl. 

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You are not my first love but I want to make you my last one. I’ll erase all my past memories and have a new beginning with you.

When I was a kid, my mother told me about angels that come from heaven. When I saw you, I saw that coming true. Thanks for coming from heaven for me. 

flirty texts for crush

You stole my heart and my sleep. Now please give me your heart and  sleep back as a compensation.

It’s true that someday someone will win you over. Why do you have to wait for someday when I can do that today!

flirty texts to impress crush

I want to forget my past, know you in the present so we can have a future together.

Your cuteness and smile have injured my heart. Can I borrow yours ? 

Will you help me in changing my dreams into reality?  I dreamt of hugging you last night. Could you change it to reality?

flirty paragraphs for her

Your beautiful eyes can kill hundreds of people at a time. Do you think my heart is so strong that it could resist itself from falling for you.

You don’t need to die to go to heaven. I am in heaven automatically whenever I am with you because you are no less than an angel. 

I have made many romantic plans with you. One among them is a romantic candlelight dinner. Wanna know them all? Then come and  join me for a candlelight dinner tonight!

Does your father work in bank? Because i m getting interest in you!

Hey! I want to book a place in your heart. I know it’s the most expensive and loveliest place, but I really want to!

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You didn’t ask me before taking away my heart and sleep. I didn’t ask you before falling for you. But today, I want to take your permission to marry you. Please say yes to that. 

I heard that God send angels to bless people from heaven. I never knew that God send supermodels to do so because you look like one. 

Ohh gosh! I just keep getting lost in your eyes. Do you have a map? 

Can I be your dream? Just so that I could spend time with you every night.

Let me be your mirror so that you would stand infront of me every now and then.

If your heart is a prison, I would like to be sentenced for life.

You might be tired because you were running in my thoughts all day. 

cute flirt message for crush

People say that women are not good drivers. But then, how the fuck do you drive me this crazy?

I wish I was your pillow, so that you could hug me every night!

Did you have bread and butter for breakfast today? Because  you make me keep falling for you again.

My keyboard also wants to see us together as it shows ‘u’ and ‘i’ always together. 

I think I have received a disease from you called lovomania . Doctors say that there are just two cures to it. Either you be mine or I’ll be yours.

I am good at maths. But can you help me in calculating how much I love you!

best flirt text for crush whatsapp

Does your father run a sweet shop? Because you are very sweet. 

Could I apply for the post of caretaker of your beautiful face? I know you might be having a tough time taking care for it. Don’t worry I will work for free.

You must thank me for not sending you to jail. You are the thief of my sleep and my heart. Come over tonight so that we could discuss this matter in detail. 

You are fortunate that being beautiful isn’t a crime. If it was so, you would have been the first one to get imprisonment.

I would have envied you if I was a woman. But now, that I am a man how could I resist myself from falling for you and thinking about you. 

Your eyes are so deep as ocean that I get drowned in them whenever I look into them .You will go on killing people like this as long as you move about with those killer eyes of yours. 

People have begun calling me drunk. How should I explain them that my intoxicating drink is your lips?

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