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Sisters are our best companions and best friends with whom we grow up. They at times fight with us but deep inside they love us the most and take care of us in every walk of life. They are the one who stand for you when no one else will. So, you should never leave any stone unturned to make them happy. So What can be a better occassion than a birthday? Make them happy with a beautiful birthday wish which will cherish all their life.

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You’re like a flower who fill our lives with beauty, fragrance and sunshine. I love you beautiful. Happy birthday. 

Happiest birthday to the greatest healer of mine. I can’t even imagine my life without you. Thanks for always being there!

Sisters are the most precious gifts from God. You are my best friend and guiding force. Wishing you a happy birthday.

You’re like the light without whom my life would have been dark. Happiest birthday to the best sister!

The loveliest wishes to the person who makes my life so bright and special. Happy birthday sister. 

The best birthday wishes to my lovely sister who makes my life so happy and awesome. 

You are not only my sister but also my best friend. I never say it but I am so proud to have you. Happy birthday sister.

Having you is the biggest blessing to me from the heavens. Wish you a very happy birthday sister.

May this birthday of yours bring all the happiness along with it that you deserve. Sweetest wishes to you sister.

I pray that all your wishes come true and you get blessed with all the happiness in your life. Happy birthday sister.

You truly deserve all the best things of life and I wish you get all of them on this special day of yours. Happy birthday to my loveliest sister.

May you be blessed with lots of happiness, good luck, joy, health and wealth on your birthday. Happy birthday sister.

Today, on this special day of yours, I thank you for being my role model and for being the coolest sister. May God shower his blessings upon you. 

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Happy birthday to my sister! Today, I want to say that I always pray for your success. May God bless you.

To my dearest sister, I just want to say that you are the best sister anyone can ever have. May you be blessed with much joy and lots of gifts. I hope you achieve every success that you aspire for. Happy birthday sister.

I know I never express my feelings explicitly. But, today on your birthday, I really want to say that I love you so much and thank-you for being such a good and caring sister. Happy birthday to the coolest sister.

Happy birthday to the person who has always got my back. I love you sista!

Today, on this special day of yours, I promise you that I’ll always be by your side just as you have always been by my side. Happy birthday to the most caring sister. 

My best wishes to the loveliest, most amazing, most caring sister on this earth on her birthday and everyday. Happiest birthday!

I could never have a better sister than you. Thank you for always guiding me in all walks of my life. Love you sister. Happy birthday!

Happy birthday sister. Thank you for being not just a caring sister but also my built-in best friend for life. Have lots of fun. 

Happiest birthday to my best buddy. So finally, the day is here when you fell on this earth from hell. I don’t need to say you to enjoy this day as I know you will. I will just say don’t drink so much that we need to support you for walking. Today, get some wine and I’ll get the lime. And we will celebrate your day with lots of fun. 

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Sometimes, you care like a mother. Sometimes, you scold like a father. Sometimes, you support me like a friend. I am blessed to have you sister.  

Happy birthday sister! May you have an extra spectacular birthday. Our relationship means the world to me and it will always mean a lot to me. May God bless you

I have seen you going through all the phases of your life. I have seen your happiness, your anger, your sadness, your smile and everything. I just know that I could have never got a better sister than you. Happy birthday sis. May God bless you!

Happiest birthday to my secret keeper and the best sister. Have a blast today. Enjoy your day to the fullest. 

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We have spent the journey of growing up together. I have watched you growing up from a cute baby to a gorgeous lady. Happy Birthday to you!

Happy Birthday to you sister. You are my constant source of motivation and my source of happiness. Thanks for always having my back. 

I can never thank God enough to bring you on this earth as a sister of mine. I am really the luckiest to be your sister. Wishing you a splendid birthday. May God bless you.

Happy birthday not only to a sister but to a mother, father, teacher, philosopher, guiding force and what not. If you had not been there, I would have broken into pieces. May God bless you!

Get ready for this special day babes. Put on your dancing  shoes and have lots of fun together. This day is indeed special as I got you on this day. Happiest birthday darling! I love you the most. 

This was the day when you got life and filled our lives with happiness. Your naughtiness, your smile and your cuteness filled our lives with happiness. Happy birthday little sister. I love you. 

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We share clothes, secrets, shoes, jewellery, taunts, fights and what not. I could never have got a better companion than you. I love you the most. Happiest birthday to my loveliest sister. 

You are my everything and I love you to the moon and back. Happiest birthday sweet sister!

My lovely sister, on this special occasion I’d wish you an adventurous life, full of excitement and lots of surprises! 

Today, I’d like to make a very lovely and special birthday wish to my best friend and an amazing sister. Wish you a very happiest birthday darling!

It’s true that I never liked sharing my clothes with you, but I had always enjoyed sharing our memories, secrets and love towards each other. You’re the dearest to me. Happy birthday sweet-heart!

Today, I want to thank you for being the most caring and prettiest sister on this earth. None can understand me better than you. Wish you a birthday full of joy and excitement. 

The greatest experience I had in my life was growing up with a mad and crazy girl like you. I remember all our amazing and sweet childhood memories. Happiest birthday to the best sister in the world.

You’re not around me all the time, but it each moment becomes special when you’re around. Enjoy your day to the fullest. I love you to the moon and back.

I don’t understand how can you be so impatient that when God was giving the good qualities, you took away all of them from him. You’re indeed the best sister one can ever get. I am so proud to have you. Happiest birthday to the perfect lady. 

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Siblings by blood, friends by soul. I love you sista. Happiest birthday to you! 

No matter what my mood is, you always have the magic trick to cheer it up. Happiest birthday to the coolest sister. I love you!

It is such a great blessing to have a cool, pretty and lovely sister like you. Have a joyful and memorable birthday. 

If I could compare you with a thing, I would do it with a box of chocolates: sweet, pretty and amazing. Happy birthday sweet lady. I am very lucky and happy to have you and I cherish the thought that I’ll be loving you like this throughout my life. Happiest birthday to my loving sister

The most beautiful wishes to my amazing sister from the bottom of my heart. You mean the world to me. I wish you a birthday full of joy and happiness. 

On this special day, I wish to make you smile just like you’ve always made me smile. Wish you a very happy birthday beautiful. 

If there is rebirth, I would like to have you as my sister in my each lifetime. Happiest birthday cutie. I love you to the moon and back. 

Heartfelt wishes for a year full of joy, happiness, opportunities and excitement. Happiest birthday sweetie!

Although I never express myself, but today, on your special day, I’d like to say that you are the real gift for all of us and yes, packaging is beautiful too. I love you sister. Happy birthday to you. 

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A very happy birthday dear sister. I hope this year brings a lot of happiness, joy and excitement in your life. I love you!

You have always been my support system, my partner in crime and my secret keeper. I can’t ever afford to lose you. I love you. Happiest birthday .

If my life is a music show, you are the perfect soundtrack. I am the luckiest to have you as my sister. Enjoy your day to the fullest.

Today, on this special day of yours, I promise you that I’ll always be by your side just as you have always been by my side. Happy birthday to the most caring sister. 

If my life is a vast ocean , you are the pearls under it which increase the importance of it a million times. I love you sister . Wishing you all the happiness of the world.

Happiest birthday to the most beautiful sister. I love you very much!

I hate you for you are so beautiful and charming. But I love you as you are the most caring and the loveliest sister. Happiest birthday gorgeous. 

Okay, so enough of #BFF, you’re my #SBF Sister But Best Friends. Thanks for being so caring and lovely. I love you . HAPPY BIRTHDAY.

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Hey you, yes you, my cute and lovely sister. You give me hundreds of reasons to be delightful. One of them is having you as my sister. Have a blast on this special day. Happiest birthday to you.  

I am indeed the luckiest person on this earth as I got such a caring sister like you. Wish you an amazing birthday. 

May your life be filled with millions of blessings from heaven, lots of cherishable memories, beautiful smile and eternal happiness. May this day mark happiness in your life. Happy birthday sister!

You are indeed the best sister in the world. You are a friend, guiding force and an amazing teacher in my life. Thankyou for being such a caring sister. On this special day of yours, I just want to wish you Happy Birthday. May God bless you. 

Today, let’s pop some champagne and raise a toast to your special day. Enjoy this day to the fullest. Happiest birthday sista!

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