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Music is a recreational means to relieve tension. Music quotes also help to express your music craziness and feelings. Music has no language at all, it is truly simple. Yet feeling about music isn’t all-like, so we’re providing you with an incredible collection to share your favorite music in English. Music status in English also helps you to express yourself in a different way from others.

So you are a music-lover? Without music your life could be a blunder. So it’s really important to change your status to show how much you enjoy music through Facebook and Whatsapp music quotes and status. Do you think about what without music your life would look like? Living without these wonderful songs and compositions is simply impossible for most people. The fact is, music is an integral part of life to almost every one of us.

Today we are here with some of the most cool and fresh best music quotes & status collections that you can use as your Whatsapp status. Within this set we have included quotes, short status, wishes, sms, messages and music images for Whatsapp and Facebook which you can also use for music Whatsapp status so you can enjoy that. I know if you’re a music lover then you’ll probably need some very cool music quotes and Whatsapp and Facebook status. So just check it out.

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Best Music Quotes and Status

  • Music communicates what cannot be put into sentences, and what cannot be kept secret.

  • The Universe can feel music in the soul.

  • Are you fond of Music? Would you love to breathe?

  • Love forever starts with Music.

  • You should find your instrument. Give yourself a Stradivarius and didn’t shoot an audible sound, and ask Pavarotti to do a drum solo, the result is going to be bad.

  • Love for life begins with Music.

  • In every song that I listen to I find memories of you.

  • The closest music to heaven is the rhythm of a loving heart.

  • Hearing music helps to keep your minds healthy and memories alive.

  • I’d like to meet someone who makes me feel like music does.

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  • Pandora showed me that all of the music that I love is very close to music that I dislike totally.

  • There are moments when love is expressed. And one can create one’s own universe.

  • Maybe you forget everything with the night music, or you recall everything.

  • Without music, there will be confusion to life.

  • Music is my only friend at the end; in an endless night. 

  • Do you ever break out when you hear a certain word in a song?

  • I enjoy my taste for music.

  • Music is the true reality.

  • Tell me what you are listening to and I’m going to tell you who you are.

  • I’d like to meet someone who makes me feel like music does.

  • Music unites values, desires, and aesthetics of man. Music is a nostalgic language.

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  • Music helps me to escape the truth inside which I live.

  • I think I should go back to school often to learn French and music, but who would have me?

  • Here are the ones who care more about music than about fame.

  • Music is a way of speaking to the inspiring and unseen beauty.

  • I’m the sort of person who pretends I can’t hear you because I’ve got my earphones on.

  • Music can change the world since it can change everyone.

  • Where words fall short … music talks.

  • Music produces emotions that aren’t present in reality.

  • Sometimes it can be better to say that you don’t know about it than to confess that it hurts you.

  • Music’s beauty lies in its simplicity and elegance.

  • Take my pain, and make it music. Mistakes may tear us down, but that is what makes us human.

  • You love the music when you’re happy … Yet you get the words, when you’re sad.   

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Music Lovers Status

  • Dear MTS, I’ll launch my own TV network called Reality TV: RTV, and just play music videos.

  • Music is heard in all works of art.

  • I wish you could listen nearer to the music that I’m listening. Since the words I struggle to say speak in the lyrics.

  • Music is an excellent place to hide.

  • I’m sitting alone at home, listening to the music and feeling too much.

  • One Old Song. 1,000 Old Memories.

  • Music makes me feel lost somewhere.

  • Do you ever want to listen to music but every song is not the right one?

  • It is universal and does not have any preference for race, ethnicity, age or social class. Because music is such a honest language, there is no better way for our troops and their families to raise awareness and support than through song.

  • The lyrics are my story. Music is my life.

  • Once I’ve put on my earphones, my life turns into a music video.

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  • Music is my goddess and the only thing I have never lost.

  • Do you enjoy music? You want to breathe?

  • The only problem with reality is that there is no music in the background.

  • Art may have an impact on the spiritual side of the mind. And again the music has such properties that it should naturally be included in a youth education process.

  • Melody is the music’s feeling, rhythm and spirit.

  • The lyrics are my story. Music is my life.

  • One positive thing about music-You don’t feel any pain when it hits you.

  • Let the music drive me to the places I really dream of.

  • We were in love with the music but for what it reflected–a moment in our life in which we had ceased to be nothing more than two.

  • Giving any knowledge of this kind of music is impossible: it’s like no other. The music triples feeling strength, the characters are animated, that’s all we can say to those who haven’t heard.

  • I was never less interested in what I was doing in the’ 80s because I had totally lost my music.

  • Music is passion, music is happiness and music is life and I love my life. Good night and thank you.

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  • Be wonderful emotion to yourself, happy, stunning like a vision gushing in the heart of the night.

  • Turn the music up, shut the bullshit off.

  • Ah music… A magic well beyond anything that you do here.

  • When I ask you to listen to a album, it’s because I’m trying to tell you all that the lyrics say.

  • Planet has music for those listening to it.

  • People are like’ Music,’ some people tell the’ Truth,’ and else, just noise.

  • Your Voice is my favorite song!

  • I’m sitting alone at home, listening to the music and dreaming too much.

  • Music says it all, without even speaking about it.

  • I hate it when I sing a song and the singer uses the wrong words.

  • There’s one untold story behind every favourite song.

  • Dear Music, I will never be able to thank you completely for being there for me at all times. 

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Heart Touching Music Quotes and Status

  • Music expresses what cannot be conveyed, soothes the mind and gives it rest, cures the heart and allows flows from heaven to the soul.

  • Music communicates what cannot be put into words, and what cannot be kept secret.

  • I can’t go a day without the songs…

  • Music is my break.

  • The music gives the world a spirit, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to anything.

  • Art helps me to escape the truth inside which I work.

  • Music isn’t something I do. It is who I am.

  • Music is an art piece which goes straight to the heart through the ears.

  • Someone asked me once: Why do you so much like music?

    I replied: That when everything and everyone is gone, it’s the only thing that’s left.

  • Healthy music has no expiration date.

  • I like the volume of my music loud enough so that I can’t hear you.

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  • I’m not singing in the bathroom. I perform.

  • Only music makes me happier.

  • Music can change the world as it can even turn people around.

  • Life is music. That’s what makes our hearts beat.

  • Your heart is literally a beatbox to your life’s tune.

  • The world can hear music inside the soul.

  • In the Music, lose yourself.

  • I’d like to meet someone who makes me feel like music does.

  • Music seems like the only thing that understands me. Music knows better than I do about the kind of mood I’m in.

  • I listen to music, and I don’t want to hear you.

  • All it takes to bring back 1000 memories is that 1 song.

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  • Tune in to something more interesting than you.

  • Can’t listen you! Tuning in to songs!

  • Rock and Roll.

  • My life is about music… Let me enjoy that, then.

  • Music is my biggest friend.

  • Music is the one thing I never get fooled by.

  • When I listen to my music do not disturb me.

  • The nice thing about listening to a new song is it doesn’t remind us of anyone.

  • Hearing the music is often just the easiest way to forget the world.

  • I listen to a soothing tool that’s singing to me.

  • Sometimes listening to the music seems to be the best way to forget the world.

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  • No matter what you go through, no matter how you feel, music still helps.

  • Restarting the entire song since u missed your favourite line.

  • Often, it seems like my only friend is music.

  • Music often makes us realize just how much we love that guy.

  • Music and sleep are the two most important ways of getting away from everything and everyone.

  • The memories hit me as I listen to those old songs.

  • When you’re glad.. You love the music.. When you feel depressed.. You understand the lyrics.

  • I hate to pause my music every time anyone speaks to me.

  • There’s an amazing tale behind every favorite song of every person.

  • Play a song and then notice that you have been too busy to admire the song’s beauty so you just replay it.

  • Some songs will leave you speechless on hearing them. Yet it’s not the songs really, it’s the people behind the memories.

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  • Music describes that which cannot be said and on which silence cannot be made.

  • No matter how many barriers you place around your heart, the music you are listening to is going to tell the world how you actually feel.

  • A good song isn’t about how many people like it, but about how many memories and feelings you enjoy. That is the true beauty of music.

  • I hate it when I am listening to music which is very loud and I have to keep pausing because I think I hear my name being called constantly.

  • I am a really poor artist, actually. Nobody will like to hear me singing. This is why I listen to singing from other people.

  • Music: My vacation. My way of saying it. Music for the soul in which each note is a word filled with emotion as much as it says – I love you.

  • A great song is not based on how many others like it but how many memories and emotions you get. That is the true beauty of music.

  • Music (n): the art of combining sounds in time to create a continuous, seamless and poetic composition such as melody, harmony, rhythm and tone.

  • When I ask you to listen to a track, it’s because I’m trying to tell you all that the lyrics mean.

  • Music still put me in good mood when no one else is willing to.

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  • Blasting my music to see if I can wake up the neighbors, if I don’t come back early, they probably called the cops on me.

  • Often, when you hear it, it is not the music that makes you sad, it’s the faces & things that come to your mind.

  • Sometimes the old songs that I hear make my heart glow inside, because they remind me of the good moments that no longer exist. Music is really is a god gift.

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