[Best] 60+ Happy Independence Day 2020 Wishes, Messages and Top HD Images

Happy Independence Day

India won its Independence from British rule on the bright morning of 15th August 1947. Since then on, this day was officially declared as Happy Independence Day and celebrated nationwide every year. This day is celebrated in India as a National holiday memorializing the Independence of the country from the United Kingdom.

India will be celebrating its 74th Independence Day this year, on 15 August 2020. This day is a public and government holiday. It has a significant historical context, marking the division of the subcontinent into two distinct independent nations, India and Pakistan.

The President of India addresses the country on the eve of Independence Day by delivering a “Speech to the Country”.  And the prime minister hosts the Indian Flag at Red Fort, Delhi, on the next day on August 15th. Throughout his address, the Prime Minister discusses the significant events of the past year & preparations for the coming year. He recognizes the leaders who lost their lives in the Indian Independence Movement.

The ceremony is accompanied by the “Jana Gana Mana” national anthem, the Indian Armed Forces and Parliamentary forces completing the event through their past march.

There’s no better time for a country to celebrate than it is for its Independence. Independence Day fever can be seen at any nooks and crannies in India. This is celebrated by people belonging to various castes with the feeling of brotherhood, faith, colour, language. The sharing of patriotic messages on the day is also part of a celebration of Independence Day. It is the best day to show your love for the country by texts, wishes, images, and posts. If you are looking for the wishes, messages and best HD photos of Independence Day to share the joy of Independence, you’ve come to the right venue. Check out the good wishes, photos and messages we have for you on the Independence Day! These extremely patriotic Independence Day wishes and the best images will make you love your country even more.

74th independence day

Best Happy Independence Day Wishes

  • We might never know how it feels to walk, move and live in a free country like this if our fathers have not shown their bravery. They deserve a great salute from us today. Happy Independence Day!

  • We need more men, such as you who are faithful to this country and trustworthy.  Happy Independence Day to the most motivating person I ever knew!

15th august images
  • Let’s remember the brave heroes who made us feel the proudest of all countries and the most powerful of all nations. May the greatness of this day always inspire you for tomorrow!

  • Independence is not free; it costs a huge price. Let us remember today all the brave souls who have been obliged to pay for this. Wish you a Inspiring 74th Independence Day!

Independence Day Black background images
  • May the brilliance of this day of Independence inspire you to make your life perfect. Wherever you go, may you find success and glory. Happy Independence Day!

  • Today is a day of feeling proud to be a part of this great country. May this value of freedom lead us in our lives to prosperity and glory. Happy 15th August!

Happy Freedom
  • May you enjoy this right to freedom of speech, freedom of thought and of choice for your entire life. Happy Independence Day to you and your family!

  • God gave us freedom not only because we needed it, but rather we fought for it and spilled our own blood. Decide what you say, and stand up for it. Happy Freedom!

  • The sacrifice our forefathers have made for us to earn the right to live in a free country is beyond our imagination. A big salute to all our national heroes. Happy Day of Freedom!

Independence day celebration
  • Freedom doesn’t come without a cost. Never underestimate the violence and cruelty suffered by this great nation in the past. Happy Independence Day!

  • Patriotism is not a badge to bear on your shoulder. You should keep it in your heart, and let it speak for your actions. Have a patriotic Independence Day!

15th August Gandhi ji
  • May Lord grant us all the power to make this nation independent, peaceful and prosperous. This Day of Freedom is the start of a new future!

  • Thank you to all the brave warriors who sacrificed their lives to make us one of the world’s greatest and most proud country. Swatantrata Diwas Ki Hardik Shubhkamnaye!

  • May this day’s essence give you the strength to follow your dreams, wherever they may take you. You are among the bravest and brightest of all, because you are part of the world’s fastest growing country.

proud to be indian
  • May this Independence Day bring your family peace and prosperity. May our freedom fighters’ tales of courage inspire you to accomplish big things in life.

  • I wish you live your life to the fullest on this day, because you are an independent citizen living in a free country. Happy Independence Day! God bless you!

sare jahan se accha

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Happy Independence Day Messages

  • Life without freedom is worthless. Take a minute today to thank our forefathers for buying that freedom with their blood for us. Happy 74th Independence Day!

  • Not a lot of the world’s nations have a bloodier freedom tradition than ours. Ours is a country of bravery, courage and strong-mindedness! Happy Independence!

  • Life is full of peace and positivity, only if you have the heart to believe it. Wish you Happy Independence Day to you. Keep the Spirit of Freedom always strong!

Red fort 15th August
  • It takes a lot of courage to sacrifice one’s own life for the country, but doing something good for the country just requires a will. Happy Independence Day!

  • It doesn’t make a difference what our identity is, the thing that matters is our commitment to the development of our nation. Happy Independence Day!

Independence wishes
  • Let us never forget about the price that was paid for our liberty. Let’s do our part to build a better environment for our families. There’s always something to live for and a legacy to die for. Happy Independence!

  • As our flag flies high in today’s wind, please take a moment to really savor what freedom is; and at what cost it has come.

beautiful 15th august images
  • Never underestimate the sacrifice made by our heroes which made our freedom possible today… Happy Independence Day!

  • Independence is a priceless privilege, given to yet unborn children by our freedom warriors.

  • Take time on this majestic day to remember how important this gift really is. Always remember the efforts and sacrifice made by our legends that have made this day a reality. Happy day of Independence!

freedom day
  • It’s the time to be painted by unity and dignity, by saffron, white and green. Happy 15th August!

  • Nevertheless, becoming a loyal person is the best way of celebrating your country’s Independence. Happy and Proud Independence Day!

Happy Independence Day best image
  • Today, while we are celebrating our Independence, let our children learn never to give up hope. Freedom is always attainable. Equality is always possible! Happy Independence Day! 

  • The tribute will always be not enough for our freedom fighters but the salute to all of them will never be less. Saluting the whole country, Happy Independence day!

India colourful image
  • No caste can separate us, no laws can divide us, no colour or opinion can determine our future because we are one mother’s children. Have an amazing Independence day!

  • Each year, a little of “me” in us gets free; each year, people enjoy their Independence in their own ways. Happy 74th Independence Day!

  • May our great nation have more glory in the future. Wishing everyone a very happy day of Independence!

Indian Flag HD Image
  • The sacrifice of our great freedom fighters lets me breathe the air of freedom today. Happy Independence Day!

  • The glorious day reminds the commitment rendered to the nation by our freedom fighters. Happy 15th of August!

Indipendence Day Black Image
  • Let us seek to change our future much better and prospering. May this Independence Day be special for you and your near and dear ones.

  • Our freedom warriors fought hard to bring us a free life. We should not take our freedom for granted. Happy Independence Day!

  • We have achieved our highly valued Independence through the devotion of thousands of men. Happy Independence Day!

India gate 15th august
  • May this Day of Freedom bring peace between all the societies. Happy Independence Day!

  • Regardless of our religion, we are just Indians in the end. May our country become the wealthiest in the world. Happy Independence!

Indipendence day Quotes
  • Freedom is a wonderful gift to mankind. Always appreciate it. Enjoy your Independence Day and fly kites high in the sky!

  • The worst form of corruption is slavery. Thanks for the courageous freedom fighters that fought for our freedom and gave us Independence from slavery. Happy Independence Day!

Patriotic 15th August Images
  • The most memorable day in our life is 15 August. It’s the day we have been liberated from colonial rule. Swatantrata Diwas Ki Hardik Shubhkamnaye!

  • Make your life worth living by dedicating it to serving our great nation. Happy Independence Day!

  • We will always defend the rights our freedom fighters have sacrificed their lives for. Happy Day of Freedom!

HD Happy Independence Day Photos
  • Fortunate are those who are born in this great country. Happy Independence Day!

  • Let us all work together to make this the greatest nation in the world. Happy and Proud Independence Day!

15th August 2020
  • Our freedom fighters always had a vision for the country. Let’s realize the dream by working hard on our motherland’s growth. Swatantrata Diwas Ki Hardik Shubhkamnaye!

  • Our warriors for freedom had given us a great lesson. No matter how difficult the situation is, never lose the hope. Have an amazing Independence Day!

74th Independence DAy
  • Due to the sacrifices of our freedom fighters, we are free today. We pledge to always cherish our freedom and Independence.

  • Thanks to god, I was born in this great independent nation. It is because our great freedom fighters made sacrifices. Happy Independence Day!

bharat azadi
  • Our ancestors taught us to keep our heads high. Let us make a promise we will never become slaves again. Wish you a very patriotic Independence Day!

  • With this wonderful day, I wish to congratulate all people from all of my heart. It is a great day for our country. Wish you the best Independence Day!

Wish you happy freedom
  • Salute our martyrs for their sacrifices, and thank them for bringing us today. Happy Independence!

  • Independence is a unique and valuable gift of God. May our lives always stay free. Wish you a Happy Independence Day.

Happy Independence
  • As you enjoy this day, always have it at the top of the priority list that no country is perfect and it must be made perfect by me and you. Happy Independence! I am Very proud to be citizen of this country.

  • Life without freedom is worthless. Take a minute today to thank our forefathers for buying that freedom with their blood for us. Happy 74th Independence Day!

  • Not a lot of the world’s nations have a bloodier freedom tradition than ours. Ours is a country of bravery, courage and strong-mindedness! Happy Independence!

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