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Why should boys have the right to express their attitude? Girls also want some classy attitude status and quotes which makes them feel more superior and confident. So WishesNinety brings some amazing Attitude Status For Girls which is definitely going to viral in social media and bring tons of engagements.

attitude status for girls dp

Never show me your attitude as you won’t be able to handle mine.

awesome attitude dp for girls

Everyone doesn’t like me but everyone doesn’t matter.

girls facebook dp attitude status

I am the sun, babe. I will keep on shining and let you burn.

Either be nice to me or forget me if you can. 

attitude for whatsapp status

I am a girl with a mind, a woman with attitude and a lady with class.

It is completely fine if you don’t like me. Everyone doesn’t have a good taste.

royal attitude status for girls

Ohh darling! Do you compare? With me, don’t you dare.

Though I am not perfect, I am original.  

Don’t compare me with any girl as I am one of a kind. 

attitude quotes for girls on instagram

Raise your standards before judging me.

Don’t judge me by my past coz best future always has a terrible past.

girls attitude caption for instagram

You focus on judging me, I focus on winning.

attitude quotes for girls in english

I am a queen who doesn’t need a king. 

girls attitude status dp

I have no time to change your opinion about me as it just doesn’t matter to me. 

I am a girl with a deadly combination of beauty and swag.

attitude status for girl in english

Don’t you dare play with my emotions because it’s no less than playing with fire.

attitude quotes for girls dp

If you think I’ve changed, you just never knew me!

If you speak to me with your ego, I will reply you with my attitude.

Hey girl! Make them wonder about you. 

My real identity is my attitude. 

I have a good personality *terms and conditions applied*. 

attitude images for girls

If attitude kills, I am a nuclear bomb. 

best attitude dp for girls

Be careful of whatever you say to me because I remember everything.

attitude quotes for girls dp (2)

I don’t have a bad ass attitude. I am just the way I am. 

If you think I don’t have a clean heart, you don’t have a clear mind. 

I am chaos and beauty intertwined. 

I act like I don’t care, but I swear, I really don’t care. 

attitude dp for girls

My choices are what make me unique. 

I may not be best, but definitely better than the rest. 

attitude quotes for girl for whatsapp status

I am like a diamond, always shining and hard to break.

Accept me as I am, not as you wish me to be!

attitude status for girls in english

I aim to be real, not to be liked. 

Blessed with an attractive face by God’s grace.

I am a rare combo of a sweet smile and unique style. 

The first love of my life is self-love. 

awesome attitude quotes for girls

Make your life a fairy tale so that it always has a happy ending. 

attitude dp for girls for fb

I have a spark which can burn you bitch!

attitude status for girls for whatsappattitude status for girls for whatsapp

I don’t fall for a dog who has eyes on every bitch. 

I get inspired by people and you copy them. We’re not the same bitch!

attitude dp for girls instagram

If being sexy is a crime, ARREST ME!

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Your attitude may piss me off, but mine can kill you.

powerful attitude quotes for girl

I am not perfect but far ahead of you.

I may forgive you but I will never trust you again. 

attitude quotes for girls from instagram

People call me mannerless because I speak the truth on their fucking face.

I am not like what you think. And what I am, you can never think.

motivational pictures for girls

I am hot without any ifs and buts.

If you are good to me, I will be good. But if you are bad, beware coz I’ll be the worst. 

I have a nice personality but you can see its different angles if you mess with me. 

Though my heart is big, some people don’t deserve to stay in it.

best attitude status for girls

Confuse them if you cannot convince them. 

My life is my life, so better keep your nose out of it. 

I am different but not wrong.

Better compete than getting jealous. 

Time flies darling. Today it is yours but tomorrow it will be mine. 

Work not for applause but for a cause. Live life not to impress but to impress. 

Criticize me for my flaws and mistakes after you see yours. 

I don’t expect trust in this new trend of fakeness. 

attitude quotes for girls whatsapp status

Excuse me! I just found your attitude under my shoes.  

There’s only one person who can give you the freedom and that person is one and only YOU. 

whatsapp status attitude girls

Your success is the biggest slap on your enemies face. 

If attitude could be sold in the market, you would never have been able to buy mine.

attitude quotes, sayings and captions for girls

Make them your history if they make you an option. 

If attitude could be sold in the market, you would never have been able to buy mine.

I don’t take the right decisions. I take decisions and make them right.

I am not flawless but I am a limited edition.

girls attitude status and dp

Work hard until your signature becomes your autograph. 

It’s cool when I talk, smile and laugh. But beware when I am silent.

I don’t obey rules, I make them.

I am allergic to fake people and fake promises.

I am more than happy when you show me attitude coz it means you need an attitude to impress me. 

attitude captions for girls

I build a more positive attitude each day to get better. 

I will speak right no matter you like it or not.  

It’s fine whatever you think about me. I never even think about you. 

cute girl attitude dp girls

Attitude defines you so be choosy in picking it. 

I don’t flatter anyone with my words but prove them with my actions. 

Life is too short to mess with me. Don’t try to make it even more shorter.

I am proof that God is really creative.

Lead yourself to the dreams in your heart, not the fears in your mind. 

I adjust my crown and get my day started.

I aim not to be rich but to be a legend. 

I talk to myself whenever I need an expert’s advice. 

Either I love you or not care at all. There’s nothing in between.

People hate me because they need to upgrade themselves to handle my personality.

My style is my attitude. 

attitude status for girls

I don’t compare myself with anyone because legends are never compared. 

If you treat me like a game, I’ll show you how it is played. 

attitude status for girl dp

I am never alone as my attitude is always with me. 

There’s a difference between having an attitude and showing it. I have it and you show it. 

I don’t waste my time in responding to fools. So, when I am silent before you please understand. 

It is okay if you think you are cooler than me coz I am definitely hotter than you. 

best attitude quotes for girl dp

I am not heartless but I just use my heart less. 

I love my haters more than my lovers coz they give me a reason to be successful in life.

If you want to be number ‘one’, you will have to be ‘odd’. 

My value won’t decrease if you do not see my worth. 

girls attitude status and girls

Set your lovers free and your enemies on fire.

whatsapp status attitude girls image

People like to show their attitude but I like to break them.

Though love is easy, I am busy. 

Brains are amazing. I wish you had one. 

My middle finger wants to give you a standing ovation.

I never beg anyone to stay. I make them regret it.

attitude status and girls dp

I realised that losing you was actually a gain. 

I don’t give someone my trust, because it’s like giving them a power to destroy me. 

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